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We design and install emergency lighting systems, provide regular maintenance and test to current BS Standards to various clients and properties in London.

All emergency lighting systems in the UK should be compliant with British Standard 5266.It is important to maintain your emergency lighting system not only for insurance purposes but also the more effective it will be in the event of an emergency should one occur.

Emergency lighting plays a big part in a safe evacuation when a buildings primary lighting fails, especially if smoke plays a part in the emergency itself as it makes it even harder to see.

Below is a breakdown of the emergency lighting services we offer from emergency lighting installation, to maintenance and certificates, just click on the type of works you are interested in and a brief description will show, we can carry out all of them for you or just the ones you require. Just give us a call to discuss your specific requirements needed.

Should you also require it…we can also provide you with fire alarm maintenance and we use a BAFE approved company who carry out our fire risk assessments and fire extinguisher maintenance.

We need Emergency Lighting installed

We can visit your premises and assess your requirements and needs and advise what emergency lighting system would suit your needs. We can even design the installation if required and discuss maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting options with you.

We understand that you may be worried about the inconvenience an installation of a new emergency lighting system may cause you, but we will discuss with you what dates and times would work best for you. If necessary we can install out of hours or a weekend.
Upon completion of the installation we will commission your emergency lighting, train your staff and provide you with a log book.

We can also discuss what in-house testing is required so your company complies with BS Standards and discuss if you would like us to carry out your emergency maintenance.

Our quotation can include all or just some of the above options. All our quotations are free and you are under no obligation.

We require Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Whatever emergency lighting you have in your premises we can maintain it for you so that it works as well as can be should you ever be faced with an emergency. All servicing of your emergency lighting system will be carried out by a fully trained and qualified engineer who will keep your log book updated for your records.

Emergency lighting inspection frequencies required by BS5266 are as follows:
• Daily
• Weekly
• Annually

If you book your emergency lighting maintenance with us there is no need to worry about remembering when your services are due as we will contact you and schedule your service visits at a time to suit you. We can also discuss what in-house maintenance you should be carrying out to comply with BS5266.

We always attempt to send the same engineer to your premises on each occasion as this will save you time instead of having to familiarise different engineers with your property each time.

All certificates will be issued once your service is complete to ensure that your business is fully covered and compliant. These can be kept with your service log book so that all your emergency lighting information is all kept together.

All our quotations are free and you are under no obligation

I need an Emergency Lighting Certificate

If you have been asked to provide an emergency lighting certificate then we could test your emergency lighting in your premises to ensure that your business is fully covered and compliant.

Upon completion of your test an emergency lighting certificate will be sent to you, should anything fail then we will let you know on your certificate why it has failed and issue a recommendation sheet and include a free no obligation quote for your consideration.

If required we can also provide you with a quotation for future emergency lighting maintenance.


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